Information for Retailers

SNaPPY GRiP™ represents an exciting marketing opportunity for retailers, distributors and businesses of all types.

Great Market Potential

SNaPPY GRiP™ is easy to install, constructed from durable materials and makes using buckets filled with any weight far less strenuous and painful to the consumer. Considering the amount of buckets produced and sold in the USA alone every year, the market potential for SNaPPY GRiP™ is substantial. Demand trends should stay high throughout the entire year.


Other bucket handles on the market are expensive. SNaPPY GRiP™ is priced at less than half of the competitors and is a permanent addition or feature of the bucket. A SNaPPY GRiP™ 2-pack retails for $2.99.

Companies that purchase empty buckets from the bucket manufacturers to package their line of products can benefit from promotional discounts that we can extend. Our product would be appealing from a price point perspective and would raise the level of product presentation and usefulness to customers.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Since 5-gallon buckets are so widely used, SNaPPY GRiP™ is also an effective way to advertise. For example, our handles may be molded with an organization’s signature color for outlet buyers who may opt to have a higher quality handle installed on their branded buckets.


Contact SNaPPY GRiP, Inc. to find out how your organization can best benefit with SNaPPY GRiP™!